Mittwoch, 22. März 2017

Next Generation Internet

Von Ralf Keuper 

Die Next Generation Initiative (NGI) befragte zwischen November 2016 und Januar 2017 449 Personen hinsichtlich ihrer Wünsche und Anforderungen an das (neue) Internet. Die Ergebnisse wurden in dem Dokument Next Generation Internet Initiative - Consultation zusammengefasst. 

Die wesentlichen Erkenntnisse:
Ensuring citizens' sovereignty over their own data and the protection of their privacy is deemed the most important value proposed in the survey by the participants. Secondly, participants also felt strongly that the Internet should ensure diversity, pluralism and a right to choose. Thirdly, the concentration of data in a few proprietary platforms is understood as a significant issue today. 
Besonderes Interesse äußerten die Befragten an Personal Data Spaces: 
Those rating the importance of this value highest also selected Personal Data Spaces as a very important technology area. Therefore an NGI with a focus on Personal Data Spaces (Technology Area 3) may help in addressing the issues of sovereignty over data.
Für das Next Generation Internet (NGI) folgt daraus u.a.: 
The NGI needs to keep personal data secure and this means educating and enabling citizens regards criminals and big business. Systems that allow assurance, transparency and freedom for citizens to control the data that's held on them should not limit access to innovative services. Infrastructures are needed to both enable benefits and minimise exploitation of using personal data. This will include enabling privacy aware access control and enforcing accountability for responsible use of personal data. The values this group related most to were those of sovereignty over data and Next Generation Internet Initiative – Consultation Page 3 diversity, pluralism and the right to choose.

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